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Reduce how much your debt costs till it fits your budget
Say goodbye to unaffordable monthly debt payments with a new lower amount tailored to suit your income and expenses. Find out if you qualify and get an estimate for FREE.

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Make your debt more affordable

How we help reduce your debt

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1. Connect with an expert

Finances and consumer rights can be complicated. Let an expert tell you about the options in South Africa—it’s FREE.

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2. Find out if you qualify for a reduction

There are legal ways to reduce debt in SA. A quick assessment can reveal whether you qualify to reduce yours.

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3. Say yes or no—you're in control

Does the reduction work for you? Perfect! If not, that’s okay, too. It won’t cost a thing to find out.

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4. Experts reduce monthly debts to fit your budget—for you

Get on with your life without unaffordable monthly debt payments—a registered pro takes care of the process for you.

Why you’ll love expert help

Reduce monthly payments

Everything fits your budget

Make more money available

Experts negotiate for you

Get legal protection

Lower interest rates

Stress-free payment process

More easily track progress

Avoid asset repossession

Reduce financial anxiety

Creditors won't hassle you

Build credit rating over time

Everyone's financial situation is unique. Certain benefits may only apply to some.

Real stories, real debt

I never thought I’d get out of debt so easily

This service was such a relief.


Thank you!!!

Ernst and Jonathan are rock-stars. Thank you both for helping me change my circumstances.


Professional and clear

I appreciate that everything was explained clearly and the go-ahead was up to me. Happy with the decision.


Great service. Thank you for guiding me

I can afford my debt and take care of my family and couldn’t be more at peace. Thank you.


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